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The World of Analog: A Visual Guide Book

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The perfect antidote to your digital diet, this gorgeous celebration of all things analog crosses categories and generations to capture the timeless allure of tactile experience and real-time interaction.

The analog renaissance is underway and growing to encompass not just turntables and film cameras but also transistor radios, camcorders, mercury thermometers, xerox machines and compasses. Beautifully designed and packed with information and illustrations, this timely and uniquely wide-ranging compendium of analog objects celebrates the way we used to communicate with each other: how we listened to recorded music, told the time, wrote a letter, watched a film, and took a picture.

Organized into broad categories of information, sound, vision, and communication it profiles 250 objects that revolutionized communication, entertainment, and creative expression in their own time—and have been reclaimed in ours. And it tells a variety of stories: which companies made the biggest contributions to design, such as Sony, Brionvega, and Bang & Olufsen; the evolution of music formats, from cylinders, to vinyl, to magnetic tape, to compact disk; and the various formats of still cameras. An inspirational guide for analog aficionados, designers and collectors, this is also a fascinating cultural history of everyday objects that bridge generations and transcend time.

The author

Deyan Sudjic is Director Emeritus of the Design Museum, London, and Professor of Design Studies at the University of Lancaster, UK. His highly acclaimed books include Edifice Complex, which the Washington Post named the book of the year, and B is for Bauhaus, which BBC Radio named as Book of the Week. Formerly the architecture critic for The Observer newspaper he is now a contributing editor for Wallpaper and writes for the Financial Times, Prospect, and The New York Times.

Hardcover, 8.3 x 10.6 in., 304 pages

ISBN: 9783791380032