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Article: Sep 25: Floppy disks, Mariah Carey, Y2K ads and more

Sep 25: Floppy disks, Mariah Carey, Y2K ads and more

Floppy disks

Apparently there is a "last man standing" in the floppy disk business, and he says that the airline industry is one of his biggest customers. (Truly can't imagine a major airline shopping this website, but who knows.) There's even a book coming out about it currently available for pre-order.

Floppy disk pile

All I want for Christmas... 

Mariah Carey recorded a grunge album in 1995 and has recently hinted that it might be released with her lead vocals soon. A version of the album exists, but not with Carey's lead vocals. Mariah says this about the album art: "I wrote the title with pink lipstick over a Polaroid picture Tommy had taken of a giant dead cockroach in Italy." The ultimate crossover!

Mariah Carey

Music in color
Polaroid released a new music player this week, and we'd like to humbly remind you of the original Polaroid music player, a simple radio run on empty film cartridges with just enough battery left. P.S., in case you missed it, there will be new cameras coming in 2023! 👀

600 plus Polaroid music player

Forgive this rather deep cut, but a super rare NES — er, excuse me, Famicom — game is getting a possible reboot on Switch (and other modern platforms), which we only heard about because its soundtrack is getting released on vinyl and cassette. I mean, come on, this is so catchy. In the meantime, check out our gaming-adjacent vinyl.

Gimmick Famicom game

Y2K ads
And just for fun, this Y2K commercial compilation is a graduate level course in all things early 2000s. We've all seen the incoming fashion statements, but the video ads are their own beast. From Starburst to dishwasher detergent, the Matrix-inspired world was seemingly drenched in an icy blue and very... digital.

Human blowing sparkles