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Article: Jul 22: How to properly store your vinyl

Jul 22: How to properly store your vinyl

  1. A new book titled Polaroid 54/59/79 showcases Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg's use of Polaroid peel-apart film between 1993 and 2010. Peel-apart film was often used by professional photographers to check the lighting and composition before proceeding with a shoot. For Lixenberg, her test shots are quite star-studded.
  2. Learn some best practices for storing vinyl records from analog music experts at Amoeba. Time to invest in new anti-static inner paper sleeves 😬
  3. Take a deep dive into what Jack White and the folks at Third Man Records are up to and why, including how they still perform the mostly obsolete process for making real-time vinyl cuttings of live shows. 

  4. Six amazing pieces of music memorabilia sold at auction recently, including Bowie's mugshot, an original demo tape of The Smiths, and a TPS-L2 (which someone got for a steal of a deal). 
  5. Read about a hacker's efforts to colorize original Game Boy games, which is a niche market within an already niche realm of ROM hacking -- the mostly legal activity of modifying a video game's ROM file to change graphics, gameplay, or other elements.

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