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Article: Retrospekt and Pabst Blue Ribbon Unveil Limited-Edition 35mm Camera and T-Shirt Collaboration

Retrospekt and Pabst Blue Ribbon Unveil Limited-Edition 35mm Camera and T-Shirt Collaboration

We've teamed up with iconic American beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) to produce an exclusive, preloaded 35mm film camera and retro-inspired T-shirt, featuring a classic PBR pitchman enjoying a quintessential piece of music tech.

“This collaboration is about designing products that enable experiences,” explains our Creative Director, Michael Kempen. “PBR has a long and storied history but is also something that people continue to interact with very directly and choose for reasons besides just its pedigree. In a similar sense, while retro tech represents the building blocks of current technology, appreciation for it goes beyond simple nostalgia. Regardless of its place in time, it offers a very immersive, focused experience that’s still relevant today.”

The centerpiece of the collaboration is a newly manufactured point-and-shoot camera designed to make film photography accessible to enthusiasts and casual users alike. The Pabst Blue Ribbon Simple-Use 35mm film camera comes pre-loaded with 27 exposures of 400 ISO 35mm film for versatile shooting in various lighting conditions. The fixed-focus lens and built-in flash ensure ease of use, allowing anyone to capture vibrant analog images without requiring manual adjustments.

Merging the charm of retro tech with the timeless appeal of PBR, the camera’s design features retro-inspired typography and classic Pabst imagery, such as an old-timey bartender, goblets of beer and the Blue Ribbon logo. Its cohesive design approach emphasizes heritage, aligning our passion for retro electronics and PBR's long-standing brand identity.

Our simple-use camera format closely follows the template of the “disposable” 35mm film camera models of other brands, with the added — and more sustainable — benefit of reusability. Unlike traditional disposable cameras, we provide detailed instructions for reloading the film to extend the camera's value and lifespan, allowing film enthusiasts the option to reuse the camera or save it for their collection.

In addition to the camera, a limited-edition T-shirt pays homage to the brands' shared roots in Milwaukee. The front features a pocket print with a cleverly modified PBR logo reading "Pabst x Retrospekt.” On the back, a vibrant, full-color illustration takes center stage, depicting "Cool Blue" — the PBR spokescharacter featured in classic Pabst advertisements — enjoying a beer while listening to a cassette player, fusing two iconic pieces of vintage cool.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon x Retrospekt collection will be available May 21, 2024 on our site.