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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Ansco Pix Panoramic 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera

Sale price$ 49

This Ansco Pix Panoramic 35mm camera is a great choice for aspiring film photographers and camera connoisseurs alike and ready for another life of photo taking.  For best results use ISO 400/27 color print films. Films with speeds of ISO 100/21 or ISO 200/24 will also have good results in bright daylight. This camera is intended for use only in daylight. No satisfactory results when used indoors or at night. Hold camera steady for sharp photographs. 

When getting the film processed, make sure it’s processed for PANORAMIC format. If processed normally, the prints will be standard postcard size and will have a black stripe at the top and bottom. 

This camera is tested and working, and a full CLA has been performed. 

ISO 100 - 400
Shutter Fixed
Battery n/a
Metering None
Other features Panoramic mode


Their perfect blend of form and function may be ageless, but to make sure everything works like new, the team at Retrospekt carefully refurbishes every 35mm camera by hand from the inside out. Each camera is cleaned, serviced and tested to ensure complete functionality for another lifetime of use. 

This is an authentic vintage piece guaranteed to work. 

This camera has experienced decades of life before finding its way to Retrospekt. As such, it will show some signs of past use. However, we are extremely picky about the condition of the cameras we restore and the parts we select for the repair process. The end result is an excellent vintage restoration that is guaranteed to work properly. Should any questions arise, we have a team of friendly people ready to help you.

This camera is covered by the Retrospekt Refurbished guarantee. Learn more about our 90-day limited warranty.