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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Donkey Kong Land スーパードンキーコング (Japanese Version) Game Boy Game

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Game Donkey Kong Land (スーパードンキーコング)
Initial Release  1995
Condition Vintage
Region Japan


This Game Boy game was originally released in a region outside the USA. While it is physically playable on any Game Boy system, some, or all, of the game's content may not be in English.

The game is set as a pseudo-sequel to Donkey Kong Country. Donkey and Diddy Kong tell Cranky Kong all about their recent Donkey Kong Country adventure. Cranky admits that he underestimated the success of it, but blamed it on the "fancy graphics", "modern music" and the fact that "kids'll buy anything nowadays". Cranky Kong proceeds to ramble about his older games but Donkey and Diddy ignore him, telling him that the gameplay was also a factor.

Despite agreeing with it, Cranky asks if both heroes believe that the game would still be a success even on a 8-bit system, such as the Game Boy. Donkey and Diddy answer they will even let the Kremlings to steal the banana hoard again and get it back on the Game Boy. After tricking both Kongs in accepting the bet, Cranky then declares that he will call for King K. Rool to steal his grandson's bananas, hide them in new places around the Donkey Kong Island, and use new tricks and enemies in order to make a harder adventure and stop the heroes. Feeling angry for falling for Cranky's plan and preferring to lie down resting, Donkey Kong agrees with the bet and decides to go to his treehouse to get some sleep before the adventure.

This game cartridge for Game Boy has been tested for function and save features. 

Please note this is an original copy and will show signs of a previous life. The plastic casing may have some discoloration that does not affect function. Due to the vintage nature of our products, the item you receive may vary slightly from the item pictured.