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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Driver 2 Game Boy Advance Game

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Game Driver 2
Initial Release  2002
Condition Vintage
Region USA


Control undercover cop Tanner, who investigates the murder of a Brazilian criminal, leading him facing both a Brazilian gang as well as the Chicago mob. The story is mainly told through cutscenes that employ stills from the rendered scenes of the original, with dialogue adapted in accordance with the cut-down story. While the original moved through four cities, only two remain in the GBA version: Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

Gameplay still takes the form of individual missions that have to be taken on in order. Goals vary between quickly moving to a certain location on the map, following another car, ramming a car to stop it, tailing a car without being seen (neither moving too far away nor too close) and pick-up and delivery jobs. The cities are rendered in texture-mapped 3D, with cars and pedestrians displayed as sprites. Some of the game's missions are direct adaptations from the original, while others are completely new. The Chicago and Rio map layouts are much simplified compared to the original.

Besides the main Undercover mode, the two cities can be freely explored in Take A Ride mode. The game also includes the same five mini-games as in the PlayStation version, involving ramming a car, losing a police tail, following a path set out by traffic cones, a checkpoint race and a demolition survival. The game also includes four-player-multiplayer via link cable, with four exclusive modes: checkpoint and cross-town racing as well as free-for-all (solo) and cops-n-robbers (team-based) survival.

This game cartridge for Game Boy Advance has been tested for function and save features. 

Please note this is an original copy and will show signs of a previous life. The plastic casing may have some discoloration that does not affect function. Due to the vintage nature of our products, the item you receive may vary slightly from the item pictured. 

Driver 2 Game Boy Advance Game
Driver 2 Game Boy Advance Game Sale price$ 12