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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Flash Bundle of Partially Used Flash Bars for Polaroid 600 Camera - 10 Flashes Total

Sale price$ 19 Regular price$ 25

Due to the growing difficulty of finding completely unused 600 flash bars, we are kitting pairs of two flash bars that will yield 10 flashes total. 

The amount of remaining flashes split between each pair will be 10, which is the same as a normal unused flash bar. The exact pairing will vary (e.g. both flash bars have 5 remaining flashes, or one will have 7 remaining and the other will have 3, etc.)

The flash bars provided will come from a variety of brands, but all will work in Polaroid 600 cameras that do not have a built in flash. Returns are not accepted if you have used any of the flashes. If you plan to make a return, you must return the two flash bars in the same condition they were sent with 10 unused bulbs.