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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2 ゲームで発見!!たまごっち2 (Japanese Version) Game Boy Game

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Game Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2 (ゲームで発見!!たまごっち2)
Initial Release  1997
Condition Vintage
Region Japan


This Game Boy game was originally released in a region outside the USA. While it is physically playable on any Game Boy system, some, or all, of the game's content may not be in English.

Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2 is a Nintendo Game Boy game released on October 17, 1997 in Japan. It features ocean- and forest-dwelling Tamagotchi characters. When the player controls Mikachu, then can walk around a small village and look for items, visit other houses, and talk to Professor Banzo. Mikachu's house features a bug tank and fish tank, allowing the player two pets at a time, one of each type. Eggs ("Mori" and "Umi" types) can be found through searching the nearby bushes, trees and rivers. Much like the handheld Tamagotchi keychains and other GB games, you can take care of the pets by feeding, playing with, and caring for them in the "Tamagotchi Care" mode.

This game cartridge for Game Boy has been tested for function and save features. 

Please note this is an original copy and will show signs of a previous life. The plastic casing may have some discoloration that does not affect function. Due to the vintage nature of our products, the item you receive may vary slightly from the item pictured.