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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Kirby Pinball カービィのピンボール (Japanese Version) Game Boy Game

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Game Kirby Pinball (カービィのピンボール)
Initial Release  1993
Condition Vintage
Region Japan
Nintendo SKU DMG-K9J


This Game Boy game was originally released in a region outside the USA. While it is physically playable on any Game Boy system, some, or all, of the game's content may not be in English.

Choose your world and take aim! Kirby will be launched into the fast-paced danger of uncharted worlds, but you can help him face his foes head on. It's a pinball race to check out each new world's surprise enemies and pitfalls. Flip Kirby in battles against lethal eyeballs, a shooting tree and mace-swinging maniacs. Take aim and leap to new worlds!

This game cartridge for Game Boy has been tested for function and save features.