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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Nintendo Game Boy Original Game Console With Multicolor Backlight

Sale price$ 225

The days of hiding under the covers with a flashlight are over - experience all your favorites in any environment on this classic Game Boy with a new backlit screen. This vintage refurbished Nintendo Game Boy has also been re-cased with a new classic gray housing and fresh buttons — ready for another lifetime of gaming!

The original contrast scroll wheel of this unit has been replaced with a new toggle switch adjustment to control:

  • LCD Screen brightness (10 levels)
  • Backlight color (36 variations)

Pressing the toggle switch inward switches between two adjustment modes.

This is a genuine piece of vintage retro tech - refurbished and restored by Retrospekt.

Game Boy
Classic gray
Screen Size 2 x 1.8 in
Original Game Boy cartridges (sold separately)
Battery AA x4 (included)

Yes No
Re-cased in new plastic housing X
Backlit screen


Authentic Vintage, Guaranteed to Work

This Game Boy has experienced decades of life before finding its way to Retrospekt. As such, it will show some signs of past use and may vary ever so slightly from what is pictured. However, we are extremely picky about the condition of the Game Boys we restore and the parts we select for the repair process. The end result is an excellent vintage restoration that is guaranteed to work properly. Should any questions arise, we have a team of friendly people ready to help you.

This Game Boy is covered by the Retrospekt Refurbished guarantee. [view our 90-day limited warranty]