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Vintage Refurbished [ℹ]

Polaroid Model 215 Packfilm Land Camera

Sale price$ 149

Before integral films like SX-70 and 600, peel-apart film was the standard in instant photography. These cameras require the user to extract each photograph from the camera after the exposure is made; doing so spreads the developing chemistry between the negative and positive. Once the development is complete (per the film's instructions), the user separates the negative from the finished positive.

These Automatic-type cameras have a definite 1960's charm, from the foldout bellows, separate viewfinder focusing, and front clamshell covers. They feature an automatic exposure system that makes taking photographs a breeze - just set the film type and adjust the lighten/darken control to taste.

All packfilm cameras are refurbished internally and externally; any defective components are replaced with refurbished,  guaranteed parts. All viewfinder/rangefinders are cleaned and adjusted to ensure proper focus at all distances. 

Automatic exposure cameras that are originally designed to work with obsolete batteries are adapted to use easily obtainable AAA-type batteries. 

Check out SUPERSENSE for new film options.  Expired Fuji FP-100C and FB-3000B film can be found through various outlets.

Polaroid Model 215 Packfilm Land Camera
Polaroid Model 215 Packfilm Land Camera Sale price$ 149