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Polaroid 545i Film Holder

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The Polaroid 545i is a large format film holder that accepts 4x5 enveloped instant sheet film. It can be used with virtually any 4x5 camera, so long as the camera can accept standard sheet film holders.

Each envelope packet contains a single sheet of film; the 545i film holder facilitates exposing the film in the camera as well as subsequently processing the film.

When ready to make an image, the photographer inserts 545i film holder into their 4x5 camera. With the processing lever set to "L" (LOAD), a packet of instant film can be loaded into the 545i film holder; once the packet locks in place, the protective envelope is pulled out to expose the film.

After tripping the shutter, the envelope is pushed back into the holder. The processing lever is then rotated to "P" (PROCESS) and the entire film packet is extracted from the holder. Doing so spreads the developing chemistry between the negative and positive. Once the development is complete (per the film's instructions), the user opens the packet to separate the negative from the finished positive.

Check out New55 for new film options. Expired Polaroid 4x5 films (such as Type 55, 52, etc.) can be found through various resale outlets.

Polaroid 545i Film Holder
Polaroid 545i Film Holder Sale price$ 39