Polaroid SLR 680 Camera

$ 599

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All of our Polaroid folding cameras are taken apart and carefully refurbished, repaired, and calibrated. We complete a full CLA to ensure your camera is performing as close to off the factory line as possible. A unique feature to Retrospekt repairs, we have calibrated all of the shutters to expose true to the light/darken wheel so no compensation is needed in settings with normal lighting. This camera has been film tested to ensure it produces excellent exposures with Polaroid 600 film. The external body has been gently cleaned and polished, and all mechanical components are cleaned and properly lubricated. 

All of our cameras are in great condition. We never sell cameras with chips, cracks, or carvings. The camera may show very light wear, but we are extremely picky about what parts we use in the repair process. Your camera is guaranteed to work, and we have a team of friendly people ready to help if you have questions about using your camera. Your camera may vary slightly from what is pictured above.

Note: There are three cosmetic variations of this camera. Select the one you wish to receive. There is no functional difference between the three versions.

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