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Sony Walkman WM-A10 Sony Walkman WM-A10 Sony Walkman WM-A10

Sony Walkman WM-A10

Sony Walkman WM-A10

$ 99.00

Known for being the first company to make music truly portable, Sony's Walkman series is as iconic today as it was in 1989.  

All of our portable cassette players come with retro-inspired orange-foam headphones and batteries, which means all you need is a cassette and you are ready to jam. All of our cassette players are lovingly refurbished by our experienced repair team.  Each unit undergoes a complete disassembly and inspection.  We replace drive belts, calibrate the playback speed, deoxidize the volume potentiometer, and demagnetize the tapehead, all of which will create the best possible listening experience.  

Our refurbishing team expertly polishes all plastic, carefully removes any old stickers, and replaces any parts that have chips, cracks, or carvings.  Because each player has had a life before Retrospekt, the device will show signs of previous usage, but it is guaranteed to be functional, clean, and restored.