Sony Walkman WM-FX281 AM/FM Portable Cassette Player

$ 89

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This is a Sony portable cassette player and retro orange headphones. Take a break from digital media and live in the moment. Fast-forward, flip the tape, watch it spin. Listen to an album all the way through. Slow down and embrace the analog experience that is music on magnetic tape. 

The WM-FX281 was one of the later Walkman models that Sony created, coming to market in the early 2000s. The original manual can be found here. It's designed to tune into various television channels, but this feature is now a relic due to televisions transition to digital signals instead of analog signals.

This player is very compact, lightweight, reliable, and iconic for the new millennium. 

This cassette player has been expertly refurbished by our analog electronics gurus. This unit has new drive belts, a calibrated playback speed, a deoxidized volume potentiometer, and demagnetized tapehead. All components have been gingerly polished by our refurb technicians. 

Please note this little player had an entire life before Retrospekt. It will show signs of previous usage, but it is guaranteed to be working, clean, and restored. Due to the refurbished nature of the product, the item you receive may show some light wear and vary slightly from what is pictured.

Contents include:

  • Portable cassette player
  • Orange retro-inspired headphones
  • AA batteries
  • User guide

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