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Rezivot Power Ranger Folding Camera Adapter Kit - Smoky Clear

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Widen your instant film repertoire with the Power Ranger Adapter Kit from Rezivot. This external power supply makes it possible to use iType film in select Polaroid folding cameras.

So, how does it work? The adapter supplies external battery power to the camera and is attached to the camera via the tripod lug, which means the Power Ranger is only compatible with the following Polaroid cameras: 

The Power Ranger is not compatible with the following Polaroid cameras, as they do not have a built-in tripod lug: 

Due to the increased power output, this adapter may not work correctly on MiNT SLR-670(S) cameras.

The adapter's rechargeable, lithium-ion battery is included with the kit and will need to be installed by the user. If attaching the adapter over the camera's leather coverings, two small holes must be made in the leather to allow access to the camera's battery terminals. A guide and hole-punch tool are included in the kit. 

Because iType film is the same as 600 film — minus the built-in battery, of course — your camera must be calibrated for 600 film to use this adapter kit. (Polaroid 680/690 cameras are already calibrated for 600 film — but if you have an SX-70 camera that is not calibrated for 600 film, Retrospekt can recalibrate it for you.) 

If you'd rather not recalibrate your SX-70 camera, an ND filter can be installed into the SX-70 film pack.

Here's a handy guide from Rezivot on how to install the Power Ranger. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team.